Pre-orders & sustainability

Did you know that 60% of our orders come via our pre-order option? Pre-orders are linked to sustainability and we'll share why.

Supply & demand? We say demand then supply!

Making garments based on a predicted quantity usually equates to overruns & wastage which is unsustainable. We prefer to create small batches in a limited range of sizes, relying mostly on pre-orders. This way, we make exactly what we need. 

Crafted for you.

Pre-orders take approximately 2 weeks to make and dispatch. The highest level of individual attention is given when creating your item because there is more time, and we're not under pressure to mass produce.

You've given it a proper think.

As a customer opting to pre-order, you are aware of the waiting time between purchasing & receiving your item. As such you've made a mindful choice to purchase and have avoided an impulse decision which can result in regret.  


Author: Sheri Howes

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