Museā x Julia Helena illustration

Cape Town is teaming with creativity and when we were looking to collaborate with an illustrator we wanted to engage with a local artist that we felt matched our brand ethos. We came across Julia Helena Illustration on Instagram and we were immediately inspired by her elegant illustrative style. The working relationship started with a personal commission for our founder, Sheri Howes. She requested a family portrait and the result was a timeless piece of art that now resides in her home.

Julia's style of illustration demonstrates a considered approach to colour and shape but with a light and minimalistic execution. Her sensitivity to the female form results in evocative artworks that embrace the Devine feminine and inspire nurturing that which is natural and true. 

We were excited to engage with Julia on the t-shirt range we wanted to release in limited numbers. We discussed various inspirations and referenced works that would reflect not only our own sensibility as a brand but also demonstrate the value of artistic collaboration. But it was Julia's own work that proved the foundation for the end result that culminated in three beautiful illustrations that we digitally printed onto our 100% cotton tee collection that you can find here.

We loved working with Julia and cannot wait to do so again. 

Images taken by Virgo Media Agency 

Model & influencer Tynika 

Author: Sheri Howes




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